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The Story of LFE

Founded in 2020

During the Covid pandemic, we all spent a lot more time communicating than usual. We called, we emailed and we text with everyone we cared about.

For one person, a theme appeared – giving...and sharing. But it was not tangible, it was intangible. Being a
good friend. Sharing stories. Having positive energy. Giving encouragement. Telling people “I miss you”. Saying “I love you”. Something so simple!

It was uplifting. It felt good to do it. It felt good to receive it. Then the theme coalesced – everything they were doing was rooted in Love, Friendship and Energy.

Writing the words, studying them, the realization that the first letters of each word, L F and E, appear ironically similar to the word, L I F E. Even better, those letters pronounce “L I F E”. And most important, those words represent the very best parts of L I F E.

Maybe not so ironic after all. Inspiration struck - why not give and share Love, Friendship, and Energy.

And so LFE was born.

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